I help MOTHERS with little time, money, and expertise, create a unique business concept and easily position their offering in 60 days so they can become their own boss and spend more time with their families

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Nicole Lashae Ben

Nicole has helped dozens of women innovate within their businesses by focusing on strategic planning and integrating design thinking into the development of products and services. 


She got her start when she worked for major interior products corporations (i.e. Koroseal and Lamin-Art) in NYC to consult on product positioning, brand development, and sales growth within the hospitality, healthcare, corporate, and retail markets. Nicole has also worked with organizations such as Daughters of Zion Global Ministries, Inc. to assist in the creation of innovative service offerings and faith-based programming for women. With no experience in the beauty industry, Nicole launched a beauty brand start-up, NeoTress, which opened opportunities for several press features and major brand partnerships. 


When she transitioned into motherhood, she began to gear her focus to family and entrepreneurship. In her career, results have always been accomplished with little time and little money (and, sometimes, very little expertise). Nicole created the #BecomeMompreneur course to help mothers bring their entrepreneurial goals to fruition in order to create the life of their dreams through the strategies she's developed. 



  • Developing an innovative business concept and setting up a plan to make it a reality (You don't even need to have an idea when you start working with me. We will find inspiration in your own life and make a business that you love.)

  • Testing your business concept (When I launched my first business, I was able to get sales within minutes of launching my website. Why? Because I tested my business concept with my customers BEFORE they became my customers. I'm going to show you how to do just that.) 

  • Positioning your product or service offering (With the strategies that I put in place for a wallpaper that I consult for, I was able to grow $900K+ in sales in a year. I did this while carrying another human being inside of my body, then taking a break for maternity leave.)

  • Creating a plan to market your business with little to no budget (My beauty brand start-up landed in a dozen press features, to include NYLON magazine, after 3 weeks of being in business. I also had beauty influencers giving shout-outs WITHOUT paying huge advertising fees.)

  • Identifying your brand standards and value proposition in order to stand out (While sitting in my pajamas in my kitchen without any start-up funds, I was able to land brand partnerships with companies like Jane Carter Solution and Conscious Collective because I was able to develop a unique value proposition and a brand that looked like a million bucks.) 

Want my help developing your unique business concept in 60 days?